About Us

The Zantzingers were inspired to become food niche entrepreneurs by the many experiences and observations that came from Daniel’s extensive international travel, and by Svetlana’s aptitude to create unique spice blends, innovative prepared dishes and ability to apply exotic flavor profiles to a vast array of recipes. She is the “Russian Pepper” while he is the “USA.”

Founded March 2011 by Daniel and Svetlana Zantzinger, Russian Pepper Enterprises, LLC is doing business (DBA) as Sweet Lana’s Vegan Express and is based in West Chester, PA. Their product lines are best described as International Fusion.

Products include Sweet Lana’s Vegan Express dishes including Spicy Seitan Plov, Orzo Seitan Primavera, Pearl Couscous Seitan and Moroccan Couscous Seitan; their signature Russian Peppers spicy savory pastes RED, GOLD, GREEN and ORANGE; the only Vegan Scrapple commercially available; four varieties of Dramatically Different Kasha Oatmeal Experience in microwavable cups; Spicy Gaeta, Nicoise and Castelvetrano Olives with stones; Fresh Zucchini Extraordinaire; Picante Champignons; Spicy Garlic Half-Pickles; and Spicy Garlic Jalapeños.  

 Our company’s goal is to meet the demands of the discriminating gourmands wanting to transform their diets into truly exceptional ones; of the vegan seeking healthy, ethical and alternative dietary options; and of anyone from any ethnic group and demographic craving satisfying prepared foods at a fair price.

Other products are continually being added to their catalogue.  


  • Scrapple is a huge Winger family tradition but I haven’t been able to eat this for over 20 years! This will be the first Christmas my brothers and sisters will be spending since the death of both my parents (within 4 months of each other) and it would blow their minds if I brought this.

    Is there any way that I can order this from you and have it shipped to Hagerstown, MD?

    Thanking you in advance.

    John Winger